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Stolen Pictures In Order:
  1. The Tales of Two Brothers
  2. -Unknown-
  3. DJCoulz or DJ88
  4. -unknown-
  5. Push
  6. Ahadi and Uru: Morning Dew
  7. Ahadi and Uru's Kingdom
  8. -unknown-
  9. -
  10. -
  11. -
  12. -
  13. Baby Brothers
  14. -
  15. -
  16. -
  17. -
  18. -
  19. -
  20. -
  21. -
  22. Ahadi and Uru and their cubs
  23. -
  24. =
  25. -
  26. -
  27. DJ88
I honestly couldn't get through all of these. 9mins of pictures they don't own or even credit. Anyone knows the artist/picture, give me a link and I'll update this, also please contact the artists if you can. I'm posting and once I have the list, in case more than one picture from the artist is stolen, I'll do the same.
"Love is for mothers, sisters and daughters. Males come and go, we always remain."

Mauja spent most of her life looking forward to her first litter. When the day comes, however, instead of warm, sweet faces she is greeted by cold, lifeless bodies. Distraught, when she stumbles upon a cheetah cub orphaned by the pride's guard, she cannot resist taking in the innocent child. The cub repeats that he "is not alone" so many times that she dubs him thus: Sigumba. But her happiness cannot last forever. When she is discovered, she is forced to leave her home and pride behind. With nowhere else to go, she heads toward a place she remembered from cubhood stories. She is unsure if it exists, but it at least lends the illusion of direction to her now-nomadic life. Will she be able to raise her son to survive on his own?

Watching Shadows - Chapter OneThe tall savanna grass hissed in the wind around the young lioness like cruel laughter as she caught her breath beneath the indifferent stars. Gone. All her hopes, her dreams, gone. Mauja lay beside the still forms of her first litter, unable to process the reality staring her in the eye. How could this happen? She had felt them kick for days now. The births had been quick. But the four small bodies, wet from birth, lay motionless. The lioness licked each one a final time, but there was no breath, no life to be found. “What did I do wrong?”
    The stench of blood lingered in the air. The afterbirth waited to be dealt with. If she didn't do something soon, scavengers would be her next problem. Mauja couldn't bring herself to care. Right then she would have welcomed the fight. Anything would be better than this awful emptiness.
    At last, she could look no longer. She nudged both corpses and afterbirth into a pile then walked away. She ambled

So, I am doing some work on a new project on my main account. Just letting everyone know.
~ Ash
Yes, I've heard. I'm curious to see what they do, but not holding my breath that we'll get more backstory or info. There's really no reason to name Simba's grandparents or give Scar's real name. I mean, they could slip it in... as in "Let me tell you something my father [Name Here] told me." But still, unlikely. I just hope they show Zira somehow and make her make sense finally.

As to 6NA being used at all:
It Could Always be Worse by Akril15

No. It's not gonna happen. Disney's either forgotten about those books or has gone well out of it's way to not use tie-in material ever. Example being Lady and the Tramp 2 having ZERO to do with the comics and various books that came out after the original film. They just don't use it, sorry. 
I'll cut to the chase. Basically, I'm going through and cutting the fat off the story. I have pretty much decided to stick with what was shown in the TLK films and what little we've seen in The Lion Guard. I have pretty much decided not to use any of the "semi-canon" characters and get back to the original roots. This means some names will be changing (Taka will no longer be Scar's birth name), some "new" characters will be showing up (my own versions of Mufasa and Scar's parents for example), and pretty much what's in the "Original Version" folder is no longer canon at all.

I'm not writing anything yet until I get more details nailed down. I still have to mentally work out what I call Jungle Emperor Kimba, my headcanon version of the storyline (there's so much good stuff in all the versions, I swear!)

Another detail: I've always had Kimba meet Simba in the desert. It's the very first idea I ever had. But now I wonder... well honestly you could say Simba met Kimba in the jungle all along, and we just don't see it in either canon story line. Because we see about 3 days of Simba's jungle life (the day he meets Timon and Pumbaa, a day as an adult, the day Nala shows up). So there's room for it and it's just not brought up.

Having them meet in the desert sets up a AU story line - BECAUSE they meet, anything after that point can change due to their influence on each other. I go with this jungle idea, then really the canon of both stays the same. I prefer the freedom to change the story and have things be less "we already know what will happen".

I am also a bit busy right now with my own novel and thus, this is semi-backburner for now. I refuse to post anything that can't stand on its own until I have all the details laid out AND the whole story done. I am NOT posting only to skid to a stop again.

~ Ash
Hi all! I know this is my fanfiction account, but I am too excited not share the news with you all too!

My NaNoWriMo project, Mask of the Dragon, is officially published! This page on my website has all the links to where you can get a copy if you're interested. Here's the summary:

A story of childhood innocence and the supernatural... 
Abigail Palmer has known her imaginary dragon friend Dominic as long as she can remember. At age 16, she still hasn't outgrown this constant companion, whom she has leaned on since the loss of her parents ten years ago. Dominic has always been under her complete control, his actions guided by her thoughts and feelings. But lately she's noticed some disturbing changes. 
Over the years the dragon has taken on a life of his own, and Abby is no longer sure she's responsible for his behavior. She starts to wonder if something is wrong with her. Or... is "Dominic" more than what he seems? It's only a matter of time before the truth comes out...

Well, I'm off to celebrate! Thanks for watching me!
~ Ash
Both series are still in the plotting stage. The first episode of "True Colors" is semi-plotted, and I'll be working to do the same for Aisha's series. Both casts are laid out, the number of episodes will be 20 each. I'm considering target word count per episode around 1k words. I've also got the cover layout done. 

I'll update this journal as I go, until the first episode of each is released.

EDIT 1, 4/12/16: The overall plot for True Colors is complete. Next will be the plot for Aisha's story and the "first episode" of each series.

EDIT 1, 1/9/17: What I called Aisha's story has been dropped. There's just not enough of it to get more than a short story out of it. The character stuff on here will be edited soon. True Colors is waiting for me to get more done with my original works.
From the Disney Wikia:
  • In 2004, when asked about who is Nala's father, according to Brian Tiemann, Minkoff, and Allers "began laughing, ribbing each other, making little sidelong jibes". Eventually, Minkoff pointed towards Allers, jokily mentioning he was the father. They concluded their answer with Minkoff muttering into his sleeve, that the general assumption was that Nala's father was "either Scar or...Mufasa"
  • According to Tom Bancroft, one of the lead animators for The Lion King, the issues of Nala's father was brought up very late, and eventually ignored as they figured no one would notice him not being there.
I've spent my whole TLK fan life believing Scar was Nala's father... but now folks, the jury's in. Might be the "general assumption" but it's not the case:

We may not yet know his name, or anything about him besides his grandson Kion takes after him, but we DO know it's not Scar or Mufasa, as Rafiki would have SAID their names. So after years of speculation, fighting, and such... we finally know who it's not. And no, this doesn't make it Scar. It says the "Lion Guard of his day not his lion guard

So sorry fellow Scar-is-Nala's-Dad theorists - we were wrong. 

They did the thing! THEY DID THE THING!
Polls are closed. Thank you.


Important Gym battles will be shown in their own episode, others hinted at

Remnants of Team Rocket will still be active

Junior novels has won. I am currently planning for 20 as I think more "episodes" than that and I'd have to resort to filler episodes.

Trinidad "Trini" Yashita won, and will be used... just not the way you thought. I had a brainstorm which my watchers from AshWolf-Forever will get. Gloria Sparks will be her real name. Guys, seriously - I threw Trini in as a "obviously this is a over-the-top choice". I was surprised how many people picked it.

Pokemon Crystal Prism is now the series title for both Aisha Willow and Electro the Pikachu's stories. I'll be posting a journal later today with info on where each series is in development.


Should the gym battles:
Votes: 1=0 2=0 3=3
  1. All be shown, one episode each
  2. All be shown, but not have an episode devoted to them
  3. Important ones be shown in their own episode, others hinted at
Team Rocket is no more, as this takes place after HeartGold/SoulSilver. So should:
Votes: 1=0 2=2 3=0
  1. A new "team" arise
  2. Remnants of Team Rocket still be active
  3. No team at all, just a couple bad guys

*Changed one of the Trainer Name options

In interest of planning out the future of the remake to my old Pokemon fanfic, I present the following "polls" as I can't currently do polls:

How should the story be wrote?
Votes: 1=5 2=0
  1. As a series of "junior novels", one novella per "episode"
  2. As one fanfic, with each episode being a chapter
What should Electro's Trainer's name be?
Votes: 1=1 2=4 3=0
  1. Jessica "Jessie" Sparks
  2. Trinidad "Trini" Yashita
  3. Gloria Sparks
What should the series title be?
Votes: 1=1 2=3 3=1
  1. Pokemon Warriors
  2. Pokemon Crystal Prism
  3. Pokemon: Crystal Warriors

Or suggest your own. I'm open to suggestions. 
As Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu rise to fame, the species’ popularity skyrockets. However, many newbie trainers are disappointed when their wild captures are not the freak-of-nature powerhouse Ketchum’s is even after days of training, vitamins and Rare Candy. Pokemon Breeders all over the Kanto begin to focus on the Mouse Pokemon, some less reputable than others, in an effort to raise the stats and meet the demand.

Thus we meet Electro, a Pichu runt with abysmal stats. He is a disappointment in every sense of the word. His only worth is in leveling up his siblings, who use him for a punching bag. His breeder is considering destroying him when two sisters come by, looking for a pet for the younger. When she sees the Pichu buried under his biting and scratching siblings, she pushes them aside to pick him up and cuddle him. The breeder sneers at the choice, noting he’s useless as anything more than a pet, anyway.

Electro grows with his trainer, evolving under her care. But even with her love, the Pikachu is unable to forget that according to his siblings and breeder he can never be a tournament Pokemon. He develops a competitive nature and battles wild Pokemon on his own every chance he gets, desperate to prove himself. One day he catches a TV special on Ketchum’s Pikachu. It features a recap of the gym battles that made the duo famous - Pewter and Vermillion. It lights a fire in Electro, and he becomes deadset on not only repeating Pikachu’s feats, but topping them.

The challenge is his trainer, who has no interest in a Pokemon Journey or competitive battling. Even after he convinces her to do so, it's clear she just wants to go home. Along the way the make allies and enemies, uncover the cost of such breeding practices, and finally prove that it isn’t stats that make the Pokemon. One’s real strength comes from within.

Current concept for my fan fiction. What are your thoughts? Thank you.
Well, more like the original list of rulers in my Lion King/Kimba fan fiction.

Aslan, First Known King of Pride Rock
I am a Narnia fan and without that fandom, I'd have no interest in The Lion King and thus none in Kimba the White Lion. In the very first version of the story, Aslan was a cub chosen by the Creator to rule a promiseland that he would be led to. He had a Lynx friend that was named Leo - go figure I was 13. He became King of the Pride Lands after an earthquake created Pride Rock. (Before I knew of this being a thing in any comic.)

Alana, First Known Queen of Pride Rock
Alana was the defacto ruler of the Pride Lands when Aslan arrived there. She and her pride of lionesses had claimed the territory already and she was his "chosen" mate by the creator.

Caesar, son of Aslan and Alana
Caesar was named after Kimba's father, since I liked the name Panja better. Caesar was a curious cub who spent every day looking for ways to help the kingdom's inhabitants. He was also the first white lion. Caesar's friends included a croc whose name I no longer remember; Helen, a lioness cub whose parents joined Aslan and Alana's pride after word went out they would accept rogues; and Helen's brother Paris, who to be blunt hated Caesar. Helen became Caesar's queen.

Aurelius, son of Caesar and Helen
Aurelius was named after an uncle of King Arthur's I found in a book.… He had a younger brother named Nero, and the pair were inseparable. It was Aurelius that first had the idea that the kingdom was too large for one lion to handle, and suggested splitting the kingdom to his father. Sadly Caesar died before this could happen, and the chaos of his fall left to much disarray for Aure to make it happen.

Aureolus, son of Aurelius
Aureolus was named because upon looking the name up, it meant "golden" and fit the golden elder cub. Like his father, he had a younger brother named Caleb. Aureolus was adamant that his father's plan to split the kingdom happened and when his cubs were born - Mufasa, Panja, Scar and Jamar - he did, placing Mufasa and Scar in control of Pride Rock and Panja and Jamar of the Jungle.

Most of these characters have since been renamed. Aslan is Mtume, Alana is Jabali, Caesar is Chale, Aurelius and Nero were Ahadi and Kali. Jamar most of you don't know. That's the dub name for 89 Kimba series' "Claw". Claw is pretty much the Kimba Scar. Or Scar is the Lion King Claw, whichever way you want to look at it.

I'm posting this here as I am working on taking The Lion King and the Jungle Emperor back to its roots. Most of the Roman names will most likely be removed or reused for the lions of Kimba's line, since Androcles - to my knowledge the canon name of the original white lion - is Roman. 
Hello, Watchers.

I'm debating a project this year: an adaption of the original 66 series, the 89 series, the sequel series Leo, the 97 film and whatever bits and pieces I can dig up from the manga. This would be the canon version as applied to my fanfiction The Lion King and the Jungle Emperor.

If such a project interests you, which would you rather see:
  • a comic
  • a "novelization"
Feedback is appreciated. Thank you. 
Hello again, dear watchers. I have been once more browsing fan art and theories and seen the general uproar that The Lion Guard has caused to Simba's Pride "canon". If it pleases the court of public opinion, I would like to offer some evidence as to why there is no cause for panic. First let's start with Simba's Pride's timeline.

Simba's Pride – Timeline Break Down

DAY 1:

Kiara's presentation. If this is the same as the final scene in the first movie is up to interpretation, admittedly, as it never says in either film. Still, it's implied.

DAY 2:

Timeskip. Kiara's “first” outing. She meets Kovu, the we are one song happens. Zira explains her plan.

DAY 3:

Timeskip. Kiara's first hunt. Kovu joins the pride with the help of Vitani and Nuka.

DAY 4:

Kovu's first day in the Pride Lands. He gives Kiara a hunting lesson (or several), learns to play, and that evening they star-gaze and Upendi happens. Kovu is allowed in the den. Vitani sees his "betrayal" and reports back to Zira.

DAY 5:

Kovu awakes before everyone, then goes to talk to Kiara but Simba ends up talking to him instead. Ambush happens, Kovu is exiled, Kiara runs away to look for him. Love will find a way... etc. Also this night is when Zira attacks I believe.

DAY 6:

Kovu and Kiara break up the war, Zira dies, Simba says lets all go home, etc.

DAY 7:

Timeskip. (Maybe this was the previous day, but I get the feeling it's some time after Day 6.) Kovu and Kiara's “wedding” or whatever it is, the prides are united, end film.


Simba's Pride, ignoring the timeskips between Day 1 and Day 2, and Day 2 and Day 3, takes place over the course of a week at most. We also assume Day 2 was her first outing, but we really don't know it is. It could easily be her first outing after say, healing up from the injury she got in the mini stampede? Honestly if you've ever been around someone with a sprained ankle or whatever you know they try not to move around much until it heals. So this leads to my personal theory:

The Lion Guard film takes place between Day 1 and Day 2 above. Kiara is injured and now has nothing much to do but listen to her Queen-to-Be lessons. Perhaps other Pride Landers (animals) come by to check on “the Princess” and she quickly gets sick of it. “I'm not just a Princess you know, that's only half of who I am!” Given Timon's tendency to over-react to EVERYTHING after all he might be over-stating Simba's opinions. Also yes Simba looked worried as heck but when your heir ends up in a similar situation to the one that cost you your father you kinda get a little worried. Perhaps it's after this that Timon and Pumbaa are put on baby-sitting duty. To me this explains the different opinions of being Queen she has – if you can call two lines said in frustration an opinion. Day 2 she's a bit tired of the whole deal and possibly found out – GASP! - “there's more to being [Queen] than getting your way all the time.” Yes in Return of the Roar, Kiara knows a bit about the Circle of Life. I still didn't see much in the way of “I'm going to a super-responsible ruler ha ha ha!” unless her and Simba's doubting Kion's sense of responsibility counts. So until the series starts next year and somehow proves the timing is different – and no, “Disney” saying so does not count to me, I only deal with what we see in the films – this is how I see the canon at this time for The Lion King series. The actual canon, not my Alternate Universe.


For those that don't know/have forgotten, my personal canon states that The Lion King and Jungle Emperor Kimba (as I like to think of it) take place at the same time in the same universe. The heroes just never actually run into each other. In my series The Lion King and the Jungle Emperor, they do meet in the desert after Kimba's mother has died and he's on his journey back to his father's kingdom, and Simba is on the run from the hyenas before Timon and Pumbaa find him. (In this verse they don't, though he does meet them later.)

Because our heroes don't cross paths until that moment, every event in both series up to then is the same. Which is largely why I'll be doing the revamp – I made some minor tweaks last time to both stories that honestly go against my personal canon – any change in what we saw is out due to the concept. Doesn't mean I can't play around with what we didn't. Kimba has 52+ episodes to The Lion King's three (four if you count the Timon and Pumbaa one) movies. Because of this, doing a break down like the Simba's Pride one above is a bit more complicated and so I'm not doing it yet.

There's also – let me say this again – the issue of Kimba's canon. In reality Kimba has several continuities and each is canon to that version. I personally like the story of the 66 dub best, with the 89 series a close second. Though I like the 89 dub better simply because of the repeated name issue. I like to mix and match events and character versions to suit the ones I like best, which... is kinda not quite the best way to go about this, but it's my way and my story. Because my personal Kimba canon is really a mixed bag of all of them, I'm debating writing a “novelization” of it so the readers know what's what.

Anyway, the point to the above additional remarks, as I mentioned in my Lion Guard: Thoughts and Effects journal, is that anything that takes place after the desert scenes in canon is subject to change. So really the “canon” of The Lion Guard and Simba's Pride or even Six New Adventures is pretty much moot. But still for the sake of the canon universe, this is my perspective. Thanks for reading.

Thanks to a friend, I got the link to watch the Lion Guard online. One song was muted but it wasn't that big a deal. All and all, the movie was cute and worked OK. Even if the songs were obvious rip-offs of previous TLK ones. I liked the characters and the story was an obvious set-up. So it could have been better but it works.

How do I think the Lion Guard will effect my story? 
The Lion Guard will effect The Lion King and the Jungle Emperor the same way Simba's Pride will. For my story, SP doesn't even exist anyway - what I mean by this is the fact Kimba EXISTS could easily change the way the story goes and I could shift events around without much trouble. So both will be more a guideline of how the characters are than canon events.

The Lion Guard has not presented any plot holes to Simba's Pride YET. We all forget SP takes place over a matter of days, and there's time for Kion to be elsewhere. This is even MORE possible if you consider Kimba's kingdom is an ally - he could have went to help or something. Unless the show ends with Kion and Kiara grown up without EVER mentioning her meeting Kovu it won't cause issues to Lion King canon.

What DOES cause an issue is Kion being second-born. I was using Kopa up to now just to give Simba two cubs like Kimba. The two's cubs were arranged to be married when they grew up. This doesn't quite work if Kiara is meant to be Queen unless Lune is ALSO younger - and I can't remember if any Kimba canon says which is older. If it never does I could go that route.

Another option is to not go the betrothal route with Kimba and Simba's cubs. Yes, it would bond the kingdoms but there's other options like Amji and Keruru's etc.

So I'll see where things go from here. For now I don't know.
One thing that might make an appearance on this account is albums released by "Street Dog Records". When I was younger, I made a habit of making mixtapes with songs based around the character I felt would sing them. I gave some of them "stage names" or put them in bands. This included:

  • The Tramp
  • Scamp Whirlwind (Scamp for Lady and the Tramp 2)
  • Street Angel (Angel from the same film)
  • The Little Ladies (Scamp's sisters)
  • Seeing Spots (Lucky, Patch, Dipstick and Two-Tone)
And of course there's the "house band" of the Stray Cafe which later became known as Bremen Town: Simba Catstone, Mittens Catstone, Johnny Shiloh Catstone, Oliver from Oliver & Company, Toulouse, Berlioz, Duchess and O'Malley from The Aristocats. Sometimes Marie or Lady would join in, or Sasha from All Dogs Go to Heaven 2. Charlie did once or twice, and Dodger. Mostly though I stuck to the bullet list. I don't have a lot of motivation for this right now, but it might come one day. Just a heads up.   
With the new series on the way, I want to address how it's going to effect The Lion King and the Jungle Emperor. As of right now, it's not. Until I see it, I'm not passing judgement. Kion pretty much replaces Kopa as far as canon goes - people forget Kopa is just official fanfiction, like the rest of the semi-canon characters.

I use the names Mohatu, Ahadi and Uru simply because most The Lion King fans know those names and know who they are in relation to Mufasa and Scar. It makes things easier. If The Lion Guard gives a new story and parents for the brothers, then those names will replace the ones I have. It's more about making the story easy to read.

I have a lot of planning to do before I continue the story - or rather revamp it. My theories regarding Kopa and Kiara as twins with Kopa future king could get thrown out simply because of Kion. I like what I've seen of Kion better than Kopa, I know that much. Kopa is so cookie-cutter bland... he's really just a plot device for telling the stories in the books. Aside form Snake in the Grass and Nala's Dare, I honestly don't see how they couldn't have starred cub Simba. It would have made just as much sense and we could have seen more interaction with Mufasa. Even the Tale of Two Brothers could have been... well sort of. Honestly that water buffalo idea was as unlikely as Kovu getting one scar from Zira at that angle.

Any opinions, go for it. I am looking forward to the Lion Guard, even if it turns canon on it's head.
The TLKTJE tree is being pruned; I'm going back the basics for TLK - if it wasn't in the first two films, it's unimportant. Kimba is going to be another story regarding what is "canon" for TLKTJE. The 60's series are high canon, the 89 series and 97 film low canon. There will be some mix between them. 

So don't expect to here about the first King and his three daughters here, or about side characters unless they've been chosen to fill specific roles. Semi-canon as it's known will be used to fill in gaps rather than OCs whenever possible. I'm not several famous artists, and I am doing TLKTJE for fun and to see it done.


As to my Pokemon story, I'm considering Trainers and their teams being like the WWF in the old days; star entertainers. This would fit with the theme songs and other random stuff I do normally. Other than that. Zip.

Just so everyone knows where I am at this point.
Welcome to my library. Here you can find public domain eBooks, PDF files of original work or fan fiction by my online friends, and links to stories I happen to like on various sites, such as Fiction Press and deviantART.

Public Domain
Most of these are linked to Project Gutenberg, where you can download whichever copy you like. Others are ones I reformatted for easier reading. If any of these titles is not public domain please let me know.

Baree: Son of Kazan by James Oliver Curwood
You can find this book on Amazon as “Baree: the Story of a Wolf-Dog”. In some ways, it echoes the others listed below. Baree, son of Kazan and his she-wolf mate, gets lost when he is just starting to leave the den. The love a young girl sooths his soul, especially when he finds himself an outcast of his mother’s people.

Call of the Wild by Jack London
White Fang’s brother, this story has been remade so many times it’s not funny. The original, outdated though it may be, is still the best.

The Jungle Books by Rudyard Kipling
This is one I am reformatting to match a set my parents bought me, which contained the “Mowgli” stories in one volume and the rest in the second.

Kazan: Father of Baree by James Oliver Curwood
In the prequel to Baree, the quarter-strain wolf-dog Kazan has seen humanity’s dark side. An attack on his master’s wife sets him free to roam the woods where he takes a she-wolf mate and fights to survive.

White Fang by Jack London
The origin of my character Jagger, this still remains one of my favorite classics.

Fan Fiction Off deviantART

Every one of these is an out-going link. Some of these may break as a few of the sites have not been maintained in years. In the case of my favorites I may have personal copies I made just in case. If they break, let me know.

The Akili Files by Phil Johnson

Tales from the Outlands by Scar II

Volume 1 – The Tale of Zira:

The Unknown Lioness

The Queen of Hate

Coming of Age

Entangling Alliances

Lethal Ideologies

Volume 2 – Legacies
Here are most of my favorite websites. I don’t change this list too often. Most of these have been around for years and will hold their place for a long time. I hope you enjoy the links and if you have a site you’d like to see here let me know.


This is a list of sites build by fans for various things I enjoy. They are all very well done and I hope you enjoy them. Sadly, some have not been updated for quite some time.

Kimba W. Lion’s Corner of the Web
What I will always consider the greatest Kimba site. RIP Craig Andersen. 

The Lion King WWW Archive
Brian Tiemann’s original go-to site for anything and everything still has some of the best stills and fan works.

Animation Source
This collection of sites simply rocks. Balto, The Lion King, All Dogs Go to Heaven and more can be found here. Loads of stills, stories, and info in general have earned it a permanent place on this list.

Silver Wolf’s Balto Page
This site has been around a long time. It remains one of my favorites.

Cyberwulfe’s “Balto’s Boat”
This site, sadly, seems to no longer be maintained. But it has one of the greatest collections of fan fiction[Archived Version]

The Ice Cave
This site was originally a Balto site that grew to include other fandoms as well.

Fluke’s Tribute to Balto
This site, created roughly 2000, is still one of the better Balto sites.


These are various places where you can get free pictures, eBooks, etc. I’ll add to it whenever I come across sites that have a good selection to choose from.

Free Wolf Images
Photos, desktop wallpapers and more can be found here. Some of these end up on my sites simply when I have nothing better to use. They are mostly beautiful artwork. This is where the home page image came from.

Native Americans
First People is a child friendly site about Native Americans and members of the First Nations. 1400+ legends, 400+ agreements and treaties, 10,000+ pictures, free clipart, Pueblo pottery, American Indian jewelry, Native American Flutes and more. [Great site for wolf pictures, too. This entire link and paragraph is as they ask you to credit any artwork.]

Project Gutenberg
This site is a huge public domain eBook library. Some of the books in my library came from here.


This is a really short list of sites that I have found to be useful in my writing. Your style may differ from mine, in which case they may not work for you. But to be honest, the best writing help I know isn’t a website. It’s Joel Saltzman’s If You Can Talk, You Can Write.  That one book taught me the most important thing about writing is to never stop. “To avoid disappointments, minimize expectations.” OokamiKasumi on deviantART can also be a lot of help.

Fiction Writer’s Mentor
Honestly can’t say how useful this has been, as I haven’t used it that much. But it appears good at any rate. There are articles on many aspects of writing fiction, and they make a lot of sense.

Novel Writing Help
Same concept with this site as the last one; I like it but haven’t had the chance to really make use of it. The friendly feeling it gives is very nice.

TV Tropes
This site is great for trips down memory lane or to learn more about writing. Maybe one day I’ll list the tropes in my own work.
How I Got Started
I began “telling stories” at age 3. I created some of my key characters at this age, most notably Zephyr, Sunny, Tristen, Gareth, Tristina, and Sín Nara. Quite a few of my stories began back then too, and I wrote these with the help of a computer program called “My Own Stories”. I would later graduate to Microsoft Works 95.

Sometimes I am glad I no longer have those files; most of them were quite embarrassing. Other times I wish I had them just to prove how far I’ve come. Here’s a taste of just how messed up some of it was. I found this penciled in an old book with an October 30, 2000 date attached. True story though.


“Mommy, calm down. I’m fine,” I said. Fine. Ha. That’s a hot one. My head was almost split open. How did I get myself into this one? I was playing on my top bunk (which I wasn’t supposed to do), got bored, and jumped off.

Once on the floor, I tried to look at myself in the mirror on my dresser. I put my hands on the dresser, stood tiptoe, and checked on Winky, Blinky, and Bruno in the bubblegum fish bowl, when the mirror tipped and fell over.

Somehow, I ended up face down under the mirror, which hadn’t smashed somehow. I couldn’t get up, and in front of me was a hole with a light outside. Thinking the light came from my room, I crawled through and Mom picked me up.

I still have a scar, but to this day I still haven’t found the hole in the mirror.

It’s like it was never there at all.

Who caught the lame Aristocats reference? Well, this is at least is better than Nara and Jagger singing Susie Q. Or The Puppy Pack.

I’ve been drawing since I could hold a crayon. I used to color in the illustrations on my kindergarten worksheets. Surprisingly I got lower grades for that. Like many people, I started out tracing the pictures in my books and trying to draw on my own. Eventually I got to the point where I could draw free hand with something to “draw from” [reference] and started drawing life-size Disney characters – mainly dogs, wolves, and cats. I would then mount these on poster board and make “stand-ups”. Years of practice got me to the point where if I can see it, 9 times out of 10, I can draw it.

Inspired by a Smithsonian magazine cover, I stopped drawing Disney – or any other cartoon style – in the late 90’s because it kept leaking into the realistic style I wanted to perfect. Recently I have tried to practice both so I don’t have to rely on line art and bases for fan art.